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In this section you can see the evolution of my artwork through time. I don't only want to show you my best creations, but the complete story of how I got there.
Some of my early work I am very proud of, others were more experiments with style or technique. Art will forever be a search, but every piece contains a glimpse of what later will become.. and is often a necessary step.


Early work

First graffiti ever
trying 3D
first figure in graffiti
drawing pastel with book
drawing pastel from picture
expanding ideas in my room
graffiti on wooden plate
first payed assingnement
wallpainting on comission
free painting without thinking
painting to happy hardcore music
one of the first model drawings
painting the living room
drawing with bister
graffiti portret
graffiti at Rock Landen festival
glow in the dark graffiti
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