My name is Mattman. ​I Fight against the grey in the world. I want to bring back colours and magic to save the people from concrete and numbers.​

​I make art on recycled material that I find in the city. It is an attempt to clean the streets but also because I love the raw materials and the fact that they have a history. I paint on old windows, metal plates, broken tables, … to give new life to something that had no value any more.​

My paintings and drawings are mostly about people. I am trying to teach something about self respect and the beauty of the human body. I don't fill in details to leave some room for dreaming.. Beauty is a moment that I am trying to capture.

Take your time to discover this space. Don't be afraid to leave me a comment or a question. I will be happy to answer!

Below you can find out all the different things I can do for you:

Sint-Amands, Belgium

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